22 Winter Items That Are Staples for Fashion Editors

While we undoubtedly wear a variety of clothing and accessories each season, there are often a few specific items that tend to get the most mileage. These are the pieces that become mainstays. You know, those special staples that are worn over and over again and are constantly styled in a multitude of ways. Well today, we thought we’d round up some of the winter pieces we’re already wearing a lot and will continue to turn to throughout the season, all in an effort to give you a bit of shopping and style inspiration if that’s of interest.

Below, you’ll find a list that showcases a few team members’ winter wardrobe go-tos. As you’ll see, the options really do run the gamut. There’s everything from beautiful outerwear options that complete the chicest looks to beautiful sweaters that are wildly cozy. Of course, there’s also a smattering of strong shoe silhouettes included in the mix. All that and more is coming at you if you scroll along.

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